The owner of this fence on St. Johns wanted a Fortress Fence but with a different look than the others in the neighborhood so I arched the top of the fence. Built in 1996. Fences can look much better than just posts and pickets. By adding on just a little trim a fence can go from plain jane to beautiful. On all my fences I automatically add two trim pieces along the top, a 1x4 with a 1x2 on top of it. This really finishes off the fence for a better look. The 1x4s and 1x2s come from left over pickets used on the fence and take just a little time to apply to fence. I can also create a column look and add arched or stacked horizontal pieces between the columns.

This fence on Boedecker has 6x6 cedar posts with cedar rails notched into post and pickets set between posts. This is the first fence I know of that has an arched cedar trim between posts. Built in 1996.

This fence on Abbott is same as the others on this page but with straight trim along the top. The 6x6 cedar posts come 12' long. I bury them 2 1/2' - 3' deep in concrete and cut the tops about 5" taller than the fence pickets and then cap them off with cedar 2x8" pieces. Creates a nice column look and with the inset rails screwed to the posts makes for a solid long lasting fence.

Right photo shows how 2x4" cedar rails are inset into 6x6" post. A very strong connection.

8' Pre stained fence and signature half lap gate.

Cattle panel Fence

Cattle PanelFence and gates. 4/16