Gardening work area built for client in Forest Hills.

Tables and Benches

Dining Table

Tables, benches and chairs mean to me friends and family coming together.

8x8" Fir Patio Chairs. Can be made to fit any cushions you want.

Reclaimed Pine and Mahogany Foot Stool

Legs and top made from old shiplap boards and mohagany left over from window frames I made for historical redo. No nails or screws. Mortise & tenon and with wood pegs.

Horizontal fence

09/13 8' tall horizontal fence with 1x6" cedar pickets and steel posts.

Gate building.

The gate is usually the first thing to fail on a fence. Almost all fence builders just cut the gate from the fence rails, screw on the diamond style hinges, add a couple of diagonal boards for support and call it a gate. My gate frames are made in a half lap fashion are are rigid and I use a hinge which is thicker and has a very tight barrel. My gates don't sag. I also bury my hinge post three feet deep to also assure that the gate will last. Mother Nature can move anything. Should my gate not open or close easily just give me a call and I'll come out to adjust it for free.

Stone fire pit & Flag Stones Circle

Fire Pits are a great place to gather round with family and friends. Any size & design can be built to fulfill your needs.

Decks & Arbors

Cedar, treated and IPE decks.

Patio Screen

Double Arched Driveway Gate